Summer’s nearly over, but there’s one last long weekend to kick the last things off your seasonal bucket list, enjoy another BBQ, or simply relax around Gonzales, LA. Still, we know that you might be using your free time to get a new set of wheels, which is why we’re still open this long weekend. In the blog post below, learn all about Price LeBlanc Nissan’s Labor Day Weekend hours.


Even though we hope you’re having some well-earned rest of spending time with friends and family, we know that things still come up. With that in mind, here are the Labor Day Weekend Hours for Price LeBlanc Nissan:
  • Friday, August 30th: Regular Hours
  • Saturday, August 31st: Regular Hours
  • Sunday, September 1st: Closed
  • Monday, September 2nd (Labor Day): Open for Sales, Closed for Service
We hope your holiday weekend is awesome whether we see you or not! You can view our new inventory online here if you can’t swing by. As always, feel free to contact us here if you happen to have a question about hours or anything else.
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